Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Letter

Two days before he leaves, he gives her a letter. Don’t open it until I’ve left, he says. Promise?

She thinks how they’ve known each other for such a short time, how something’s ended that’s not even begun. The only letter he’s ever going to write her and now he wants oaths and declarations of faith.

Promise, she says. That night she opens the letter and reads it.

In the two days that are left before he leaves, they will almost certainly meet. How should she behave and more importantly, what should she do? And is it at all possible that he cannot tell careful nonchalance from ignorance?

Here’s what you do: what’s in the letter? And what will she, he or they do, now that she’s read it and he’s (still) going to leave?

You could write the letter out, do anything with the situation (just please don’t write execrable verse about it).

Post it on your blogs and I’ll link it up.


(Yeah, this means I can be lazy.)


Falstaff said...

Lazy, lazy. Have you been watching Dekalog 4 or something?

Space Bar said...

can't even remember decalog 4. is it a letter? how terrible.

does this mean you're not figuring out what might be in that letter?

Falstaff said...

Dekalog 4 is the one where this girl discovers an envelope in her father's desk marked 'to be opened after my death'.

Oh, and I know what's in the letter. I'll tell you in two days.

Space Bar said...

Oh, and I know what's in the letter. I'll tell you in two days.

:D nice one.

Falstaff said...

Here you go:

Space Bar said...

Falstaff: check new post. Time moves faster for you. It's only been one day.

Anonymous said...

here is mine: