Saturday, September 27, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different

My review of 60 Indian Poets (ed. Jeet Thayil) in Tehelka.


Anonymous said...

What! You didn't mention me?
Wait. Am I a poet?
Yes. I once wrote a poem.
And I am Indian. Indisputably.

It's a good list, though :)

Space Bar said...

Lekhni: What list?!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I meant the names of the poets which appeared in your review :) I have never heard of Sudesh Mishra or Jane Bhandari or, let's face it, most of the others :( Looks like I need to start searching to check if they have any poems online :)

Anonymous said...

I got this for review too (and I mentioned your name in mine, hehe!). Hasn't been published yet. :)