Monday, September 01, 2008

'the foremost pestilence'

If you haven't read this article in the ToI, read it now. It quotes a couple of bloggers (but not Falstaff. Perhaps they don't approve of aliases. That would be like setting free the Joker.) and cites clubs such as the Kolkata Club as pioneers in championing child-free zones.

I'm interested in the comments, and would like to share this jewel from one Mrs. Krishna Desiraju, from Hyderabad:

What else can happen in a society where women marry and breed, not because they want to be wives and mothers, but just for social acceptance and credibility? They neglect their children in putting their own needs first.Children dont want to eat out, its their lazy mothers, who wont cook at home.The young Indian woman is the foremost pestilence.

Whoa. As one of these foremost pestilences that she talks about, I object strenuously. I suggest to her that pestilences, by their very nature, are programmed to breed, and that anyone who doesn't is really doing her a favour.

And all those people who are going on in the most predictable way with what they imagine is sarcasm, about these terrible bloggers who have never been children and have emerged fully formed straight from the uterus (sic)* have obviously never had kids. Show me one parent who didn't, at least a few times, want to smack their kid or scream in frustration or get away for a quiet meal.

Oh, wait. They do. They do smack their kids, because that is all right, whereas a solution where people can get a few child-free hours is not.


*just like some kinds of poetry.


Anonymous said...

I guess I'm a hybrid kind of pestilence. There are times when I've let the kid run amok coz I was too tired to stop him. And I heartily endorse child-free zones where I can grab a quiet cup of coffee!! Wonder what Ms. Desiraju would say of me!!

Aishwarya said...

Are young Indian women still the foremost pestilence regardless of whether they marry-and-breed or not? Just once, I'd like the degeneration of society not to be entirely my fault.

??! said...

If you don't marry-and-breed, you're a worse kind of pestilence. If you don't marry at all, you're the worst kind of pestilence. If you're lesbian, you're the sin that ruined utopia.

It is written in the scriptures, apparently.

Banno said...

I'm all for child-free zones. When I get some precious time away from my own child, I hardly want to be subjected to other peoples' children. Is Ms. Desiraju real? Belongs to this time? Maybe she is made up by a journalist trying to make a point?

km said...

Perhaps they don't approve of aliases. That would be like setting free the Joker.

Priceless. Best thing I've read today.

Space Bar said...

smokescreen: a hybrid pestilence gets a table for two in the most inconvenient passage between the regular restaurant and the child-free zone.

aishwarya: there there. don't sound so disheartened. let's call it mrs. d's fault instead.

??!: that won't do. you have to quote chapter and verse now.

banno: is dhanno reading this over your shoulder? will she quote it at you when y'all have a fight?

km: we aim to please. :D

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Desiraju was, I suppose, once a young Indian woman too ? :)