Tuesday, September 30, 2008

'That's a lot of blog-reading, I say.'

That's what a friend said recently. He was going on incomplete data however. This is what my 'blog-reading' comprises of:

A 100 feeds.

1433 posts - at last count - that I saved because I seem to have felt, at the time, that they were worth revisiting.

At least 15 blogs/sites that are not on my feedreader that I visit anyway.

The blogs that I visit more than once a day because I'm following comments or want to follow a link from there that I haven't saved elsewhere.

Facebook Blog Networks (don't get me started.)

All this makes me realise that I need to detox.*

(This may or may not be a temporary farewell note.)

*Another friend says she only follows 10 odd blogs because she's detoxing.


Falstaff said...

Wait, you revisit posts?

Anonymous said...

Whew! You do need the detox. Switch off. Meet real people. Lunch, SB? :)

Seriously, tho', are there really so many good blogs around? (And I do value your opinion.) OK, OK, are there really so many good real people around.

Banno said...

When? When do you get all that done? I start reeling after reading 15 odd posts.

Anonymous said...

:) I did not realize this blog detox thing would catch on.

now, if only there was a way to manage browser refresh addiction as well.

gaddeswarup said...

As usual, I may be talking tangentially. I think that there is some thing like a Dunbar number for the number of blogs that one can follow regularly. The problem for me is even though many blogs are interesting, for some reason or other, I feel that I am not learning any more, switch and come back after a while. But then, one is a bit of an outsider in the various groups of blogs. I try to keep links to interesting posts in my blog which I visit often to remind myself of these things. But I do not seem to be getting any wiser.

Space Bar said...

falsie: um...yeah. like when i don't have time to read them properly the first time around so i save them for later and then i forget whose post i saved for what reason....

smoke screen: oh i just met some real people. it was quite hilarious. yes, lunch some day soon.

banno: somewhere between half past five and half past six in the morning. :D

bm: ya. you cuil guys should branch out a bit and make buttons on browsers optional.

swarup garu: i'm not at all sure i read so many blogs hoping to get wiser. and like you, i don't read all blogs with uniform attention...blog detox is an excellent idea.

dekhadekhi said...

i come to your blog to see who has updated (or banno's blog)... and then i pick and choose. as of now there are ONLY five blogs i visit daily- and two of yours are included in that!
and i think i am getting wiser :)

but still need to detox.

and revisiting old posts? thats why you were such a bloody good film editor!!!

km said...

A detox is refreshing. (But that doesn't mean *you* should stop posting...)

dipali said...

Don't disappear again, Space Bar!

SUR NOTES said...

george is not george- its me!
she says indignantly, wondering how this happened.

Anonymous said...

my number is almost the same as you....do I need to detox too??

Space Bar said...

sur: ah, thank god. i was wondering when george had ever seen anything i'd edited!

dipali: no, no not going away. just a holiday.

chandni: ah, but do you skim or do you read? detox is good anyway!

Anonymous said...

I skim. Which is good, because my number is something I don't even want to know. Sometimes I just skim titles (is that a very bad crime?)

And I have TWO separate sets of feed readers. Will detox even help me? :(