Friday, September 22, 2006

In safe hands

So much indignation can only be generated over the loss of liquor.

"A Major-General of the Indian Army has been cashiered and sentenced to three years’ rigorous imprisonment after a military courtmartial pronounced him guilty of stealing and smuggling supplies of rum meant for soldiers. Maj. Gen. Gur Iqbal Singh, an artillery officer, who was removed from his command as GOC of the 6 Mountain Division at Bareilly nearly 10 months ago, has been found guilty of misappropriating huge quantities of Army liquor and selling it in the open market.

Maj. Gen. Singh will be stripped of his rank, sacked from service and handed over to the civilian authorities to serve his prison sentence. The officer, who had allegedly been siphoning off liquor supplies meant for sale through the Army’s canteen stores department outlets for months, was nabbed through a joint military intelligence and civil police operation, in which two liquor-laden trucks were impounded at Dehra Dun last October."

Now we know what moves the armed forces. Rest of the story here.

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