Monday, October 09, 2006


I've always been insanely jealous of those who have exciting google searches to report. I mean, who wouldn't get a thrill down their spine if someone landed up on their blog after typing in 'Paris Hilton sex toys' (evil strategy at work here) or 'suhaag raat experience' or some weird random combination of words that makes you wonder what they're on, the guys who do these searches.

I usually get people who land up here after typing in the word 'spaniard' or in combination with 'in the works'. So exciting. Sometimes it is preceded by either the definite or the indefinite article. Sometime the Ghost of John Lennon lingers behind the words. Mostly, it is yawn-inducingly predictable. This is when I begin to think that everyone is faffing their heads off about the searches they get, only to make their life seem more interesting than it is.

Today, dear reader, I am pleased to report that finally, finally, someone came here after looking for some information with the following combination of words: 'nt error space bunnies'.

'nt error' is very ordinary. but space bunnies?! (It appears to be the Miroslav Holub poem); but what I want to know is, what would induce anybody to search for these two items together?

I'm working on some theories, she said darkly.


Batul said...

Very funny. Yes, sometimes I do wonder what we are all doing in the cyberworld.

tom l said...

that is certainly better than my best so far: "talking manakins". what were they hoping to find?