Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Catalogue of Disasters: Prologue

Does anyone else get the feeling that as the year draws to a close, every day is compressed with more activity, more stress, and weighs much more than usual?

I do.

So to celebrate, I am going to let everyone in on my disasters as they occur, so that if all of you lead normal lives, you can take vicarious pleasure in my series of unfortunate events.

To start with, I switched my blog to what I’ve been assured was no longer Blogger Beta. That means I can now sign in with my Google Account. Everyone has to switch eventually, I’m told. So I thought, what the heck, let’s get it over with.

Turns out that the normal sign in page has moved. After many futile attempts at trying to post yesterday, I figured that one out I think). Now it appears that people who want to leave comments might not able to, because of several reasons.

Those of you who’d switched to blogger beta some time ago – please to share your woes.

In the meanwhile, just as soon as I’ve had something to steady my nerves, I shall report on my Encounter with the Police.


surabhi said...

yes, yes yes.... the feeling of doom and stress as the year ends i am completely familiar with. and this nonsense about google-blog is what i am facing too! cant post comments- cant get any...i hope i am able to post this.

surabhi said...

oh great- i could post a comment. so now whats this with the polcie???

Space Bar said...

oh, great! misery truly loves company. i'm also outraged that i have to sign in each time i want to post a comment on my own blog; clicking on 'remember me on thsi computer' doesn't seem to cut any ice with blogger-no-longer-beta.


ah...the polis. long story. coming up.


Batul said...

Hey, don't know why blogger beta is not working for you. Probably just some silly oversight. What's with the police?

the still dancer said...

ah, the woes of blogger-beta. and of course, I didn't mind, pretentious and publicity hungry that I am :D
and you're right of course, it is Hasan. But I suppose, given that she passed me off as a twenty-two year old in an article, I am entitled a li'l bit of revenge :-)

Space Bar said...

given that she passed me off as a twenty-two year old in an article

and that's a problem because...?!

the still dancer said...

erm...because I am twenty-six?

and I am not the right gender to feel elated about being called younger than I am, especially since I've got a geriatric complex :D