Tuesday, June 03, 2008

just like a well-travelled suitcase

Do you ever meet people who pick up merchandise wherever they work so that their sunglasses, key chains, t-shirts, bags, suitcases, caps are an assortment of acronyms?

Walking alphabet soups, in fact.


SUR NOTES said...

we saw a man on the plane once, wearing a t-shirt with the name of every known and unknown brand logo covering every inch of his t-shirt. and they looked like patches stitched on, not printed. we debated for ever if he was mocking brands or was a walking talking brand boy.

maybe an alphabet soup with some design elements as garnishing?

Lekhni said...

Hmm..I take a slightly different route - I pick up refrigerator magnets/ caps/ coffee mugs in every National Park I visit :)

Space Bar said...

sur: when post-ironic is inflected with irony, it all becomes very confusing. there's a calvin and hobbes strip about this - i just know it.

lekhi: somehow, national parks makes the whole thing seem very respectable: like che t-shirts. it's an ideaology you're endorsing, rather than a mere product. or something.

km said...

AKA the Tech Tradeshow Syndrome.

//BTW, the technical term for those things is "tchotchkes". Google it.