Monday, May 31, 2010


1. Mangoes. I claimed, in public, that I could take them or leave them. There was widespread consternation. Someone said (I think), "next you'll say you like karela." I replied, "I love karela." More shocked silence.

2. When you're pregnant and you know it clap your hands. Oh - that's not right, is it?

3. Interplanetary Shock Doctrine.

4. Which brings me to a round-up of latest haunts:

a) Where JP sets his stories free.

b) Where I check in at least once a day, despite the convenience of feed readers.

c) Across the Universe*. Anyone who uses Fukuoaka as a good luck charm has my devotion.


*Thanks, Amruta.

1 comment:

kbpm said...

ha ha. with you on mangoes and karela! growing karela and salivating at the thought of it is part of my daily routine.