Friday, November 05, 2010

not the King Doof Gang

Yesterday, as I was getting extra milk, I saw the road outside the All New! Cop Shop! in Jubilee Hills swarming with OB vans. Grocery stores are hotbeds of gossip, so of course I asked what the fuss was about. I expected nothing less than some breaking news Telangana development or the busting of some pre-Diwali terror plot (as a friend said on Twitter, how can anyone tell there's a blast when so many crackers are being burst?)

Turns out it was a bunch of kids with no driving license and plenty of time and eggs. "VIP children," is how the guy handing me the milk put it.

One neighbour is delighted. Someone threw a rock at his car the other night and the cops refused to register a compliant because he had parked his car on the road. But hey - the King Doofs are still on the loose. Expect more excitement in the days to come.

(Sigh. Yes, quiet festival time, this. Happy Deepavali to you guys too.)


Banno said...

I don't know why, though I know I should disapprove, the King Doofs and the other egg-throwing kids made me grin. Happy Diwali!

Space Bar said...

banno: happy deepavali to you guys too. and i know what you mean (when it's eggs).

km said...

Sometimes, the flavor of English used in Indian newspapers is a little hard for me to understand: "Strange fetish"? How does hurling eggs from a moving car qualify as a fetish?

I do, however, approve of their gang name.

Cheshire Cat said...

Easy enough to grin, when you're not the one being egged on. I've been a victim, so I know. These people are a menace to society, and should be behind bars (of chocolate?)

Space Bar said...

km: butbut. this is *not* king doof. Those guys are still at large.

cat: it's the glass and chrome exteriors of car showrooms and atms that get egg on their face. not people - who are mostly fast asleep at 2 and 3 am.

regardless, they're in custody, though what that means when their parents are vip types is something that doesn't even need one guess.

now go answer my qs, no?

km said...

Bah. King Doof.

They need a branding consultant. They should call themselves The Goo Goo Goojoobs. Because, you know, they are the eggmen.

//how about hurling eggs, a little feta cheese and some veggies?

Space Bar said...

km: offer yourself up as branding consultant, no? the goo goo goojoobs is very good, but these are probably semi-literate things who haven't heard of the walrus.

Anonymous said...

King doOf is just a name to spread good graffiti to the city.. King doOf is not a gang, but a name/brand for graffiti started by two people in the city.. Just claiming them as the King doOf gang is just foolishness..

-The real King doOf