Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Serendip [No. 1460 of 2000]

The greatest find of the Hyd Lit Fest: a remaindered copy of Dom Moraes' Serendip at the OUCIP. Made even more special because it was owned by Issac Sequeira.

 The image below - which for some reason I am unable to rotate, though I'd done the rotating before uploading, and if someone can tell me how to fix this, I'll be most grateful - is DM's signature, with a line that says "This special edition is limited to 2000 signed, numbered copies of which this copy is number 1460."


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous find! I envy you

Space Bar said...

lemunty: thank you! in the interests of not making myself hated universally, i am leaving out my other finds (which are pretty specialised anyway, so maybe not of much interest).

Anonymous said...

Hm. Yes, I see your point. Bragging about the joys of this year's Bangalore book fair didn't earn me any points.

km said...

You mean it was a serendipitous find.

The Obvious Fairy bit me etc etc.

Musings of a wanderer said...


You could rotate the image in MS paint and save it. See if this helps in retaining the position to horizontal.