Friday, January 07, 2011


I deactivated my Facebook on an impulse. Like, right now.

Since I returned, I haven't checked blogs and tweets, but I found FB hard to resist. I could feel myself being sucked back into a day spent mostly online in futile pursuits. And I didn't want that.

So, hence and therefore. We'll see how that goes.

In other news, I've come back with - and to - masses of books, more than I have space for or time to read. More on that in another post.

This is to reassure those of you who're used to seeing me online. I'm still on mail, guys!


Rahul Siddharthan said...

Good for you. Temporarily, or permanently?

I just posted (on Vivek N's fb) that I probably should quit, too...

Asian Cha said...

Indeed, FB is very addictive.

Banno said...

Hmmm, I don't use FB or hardly at all. In fact, just like a mail box, though I have hundreds of friends whom I ignore. So I wonder what that feels like, de-activating. As long as you keep blogging, I am fine. :)

km said...

I'm not a FB user, but it sounds like a drug.

Space Bar said...

rahul: to begin with, temporarily. but i hope permanently at some point (that's a different process).

cha: i know, right! terrible thing.

banno: ha! i've successfully resisted twitter, though. (and of course, the blog will continue. i haven't quite reached a perfect hermit state.)

km: it is, it is. never go there.

km said...

it is, it is. never go there.

OK then. Now I HAVE to go there.

Subashini said...

Congratulations! I have done the same. It was a nasty moment towards the end, when Facebook shows you pictures of all your friends with cries of, "X will miss you! A will miss you! Are you sure you want to deactivate your account?"

I foresee this lasting only a few months, after which I will probably be back with a very small friends list. Someone I know very well has been in and out of FB several times, until she finally caved in and is now on it for the foreseeable future with just a handful of friends on her list. I suppose that's the only way FB works for people tired of the noise.

But then again, I am tweeting away, so all I've done is remove one addiction and maintain another... ;)

Anindita Sengupta said...

Me too! It was a ny resolution. But then, I'm tweeting AND tumbling now. :) Congrats and all the best.

Space Bar said...

km: ok, send friend request. :P

subashini: you know what? i also foresee this lasting only for a while. if for no other reason than because i need some peoples' email ids since i deactivated on an impulse! ah well. but i'm feeling good about not having signed up for twitter.

anu: ha! good for you! are you very active on twitter?

Phantasmagoria said...


MUCH worse than blogs.

And believe me I had it bad with blogs as well. So I lost this addiction and gained that.


nabina said...

I wondered about you. Assured now to find you on your blog... Will be back in July for meeting-sheeting, it's so needed. Keep well Dala. I'm at nabinamail@yahoo... if you post something.