Thursday, March 17, 2011

'not speech but more silence'

Yes, things have been quiet here recently and are likely to remain this way in the foreseeable future. I'm saving the whys for later, for the ritual blog anniversary post which seems like the appropriate occasion for such a thesis.

For now, though, this: that the apparent compression of events and the speed of their occurence, both in the world and at home, requires not speech but more silence*.

Therefore no links either. Just the quiet reassurance of my arrival only to announce my continued departures.

Or something.

*In an inversion of an earlier use of these words.


km said...

requires not speech but more silence*.

You should consider blogging with semaphore flags or smoke signals.

//Me, I'm switching to telepathy.

Szerelem said...

I come back to find you are disappearing - timing is everything.

Space Bar said...

km: Telepathy is an excellent idea. I will now blog exclusively telepathically.

szer: :D my disappearances are never as comprehensive as yours.