Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Defamation, you say?

A week ago, a letter from the books editor at Caravan said that Arindam Chaudhuri (remember him?) has slapped a Rs. 500 million lawsuit against Siddhartha Deb, Caravan, Penguin India and Google India. I wanted to blog about it but was caught up.

Caravan's press release can be found here. And the article that Chaudhuri has had removed from their website can be found on Google cache here.

But hey - this may already be old news for some of you. Not sure what one can do to show support; maybe circulate the cached link widely? See how nice Deb has actually been in his piece? He's not in the business of writing hagiographies after all.

Edited 30 June 2011: Thanks to KM, I find that even the google cache is truncated to little more than a photograph. Here is where you can find the article. It's a little hard to read but thanks to A Guest, it's there for as long as it's there.


km said...

Epic Ponyfail.

Deb's story (an excerpt from his book really) reads like a New Yorker-lite profile. It's more of the "ha ha here comes the New Indian Huckster" rather than a "IIPM's got something shady going on".

Which is why I am surprised at why the article led to the threat of a lawsuit. Isn't any publicity good publicity?

(BTW, your Google Cache link didn't work. You can find the full article on

Space Bar said...

km: Clearly not, as far as AC is concerned. The cached link worked fine when I just checked; wonder why it didn't for you?

km said...

Your cache goes to the right page, but it also says right under the picture: "This article has been removed as per Injunction Order passed by Hon’ble Civil Court of Silchar in 12-04-2011. Read more here"

Hon'ble, naturally.

Space Bar said...

hmm. you're right. And that seems to have changed since I first saw it. *sigh*