Monday, September 05, 2011

Which obscure sorrow would you choose?

I'm kind of torn right now* between nementia, aimonomia and jalopia. And also, somewhat, dream fever though it seems to me somewhat less sorrowful than the others.

Via kind friend on Twitter (which I should probably just sign up for, seeing how much of my reading comes from links from there).

No, wait. I think my word of the day is going to be dialecstatic. Now to find a Scotsman somewhere in Hyderabad...


*There must be a name for this feeling that might be classified as an obscure enough sorrow, but see 'aimonomia'.


S. said...

Hahaha loved this! I also liked:, and the fact that it's classified as an obscure sorrow ;-)

Also This is so true but hardly sad, no? Unless they're being Buddhist about the concept.

dipali said...

Awesome! I wonder which I'd choose:)