Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I was in Delhi last week for a few days and after what seems like a decade, I actually found myself enjoying the city. This, despite a baggage mix-up at the airport, ratty hotel room with filthy sheets and the severe shortage of gajar in this season.

The thing is, I remember Delhi with such unhappiness: how I left a decade ago, my brief visits - a day every couple of years - when I desperately wanted to be home instead of whereever else I was; all of which made the city a place I refused to re-experience.

This time, though, it truly was fun. I loved the Metro, hanging out with friends, I even enjoyed reading my poetry, which is a thing I somehow have failed to do recently.

As always, I girl-guided my way through the packing and unsurprisingly came back with heavier (and more) bags.

Some things were weightless, though, and I feel I should share one at least of these objects with you.

Yes, this exists.

Oh, and did I miss my chance to say Fifty Years Ago Today on the 5th? Apparently I did. But at least I didn't do what MTV India did, which was to wish Lennon a long & happy life yesterday.


km said...

But at least I didn't do what MTV India did

They may have meant a "long and happy life" in the sense of a long and happy musical legacy.

/Of course not.

//why is Delhi out of gajar? A sudden explosion of rabbit population?

parotechnics said...

I want this book!!

Space Bar said...

km: ha! [Slightly related], have you seen the Guardian review of the new book on Lennon's alleged letters? Apparently we're now down to reprinting grocery lists.

paro: long time no see! i also wanted this book but apparently it's being saved as a gag gift for a friend. Bah, I say.