Monday, January 07, 2013

Almost Island, late 2012

Having just noticed that Almost Island has a new issue up, I feel the year has got off to a very good start. Anu almost-apology you might detect in the editorial should be set aside because there may not be many things, but what things there are, are a feast in themselves.

Adil Jussawalla in a 45 page conversation wiht Vivek Narayanan and Sharmistha Mohanty, and László Krasznahorkai  in a shorter but no less illuminating conversation with Sharmistha Mohanty and Kabir Mohanty.


I am envious of my friends who have proper reading diaries and know exactly what (and how much of what) they have read in any given month. It's something I ought to have done but never, ever have in all my life.

Last year, I resolved to learn poetry and failed unspectacularly at it. What can I say? No ambition, that's me.

This year's resolve to at least make a note of what I've read, watched and listened to seems more doable and it gives me a great feeling of achievement when I see the page filling up with stuff.

Of course, this makes no sense unless I also say a little bit about what I thought of all the things I've been reading/watching etc., but whether I'll post about it remains to be seen.

This is a good time to remind myself that I've had Bela Tarr's Satantango, based on László Krasznahorkai's book, for over a year now and still haven't watched it.

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