Thursday, January 23, 2014

In which I tell Anthony Bourdain to make raita

The night before last, I dreamt I was kneading dough for bread. It was in a huge barn, with a wood-fire oven. There was a large table with lots of flour sprinkled all over it. I was kneading dough that was soft, bubbly and much more runny than any dough I've ever kneaded but that was how it was supposed to be in both worlds. Strangely, my hands were completely dry and dough-free.

I shaped the dough into loaves, opened the oven and shoveled them in. That's when I noticed Anthony Bourdain standing at my shoulder. I told him he needed to get on with grating the cucumber for raita and not to forget roasting some jeera he'd later need to powder.

Then we talked about August Kleinzahler.

The next morning, someone landed up on this blog searching for Kleinzahler and found this post.

Sometimes I love my dreams but I still wouldn't want them to come true.


The best 45 minutes of any given day are the ones I spend doing yoga.

Tomorrow the Hyd Lit Fest begins. I'm reading with Mani Rao, K. Srilata and Tejdeep Kaur Menon on Saturday from 4-5pm. But there's lots of things I'm looking forward to, not least T.M.Krishna's reading and Rajmohan Gandhi's sessions.

This evening I'm moderating a conversation with some women filmmakers. I'm not on Facebook, but I believe you can find details here.


Are we really already in the last week of Jan?


km said...

I've heard of (and seen) some strange dreams, but never have I seen one featuring Raita.

I hope there's a sequel involving Pulao or Mutton Biryani.

/And I'm hungry again.

??! said...

I tried to find something in the post that could justify the use of 'blood-curdling', but meh.

SO bad.

Space Bar said...

km: I also want such a sequel. I will try to think of food just before I fall asleep.

??!: I am hurt. My dream was SO bad?