Wednesday, May 21, 2014

This is not a marriage (or: metaphors, like similes, prove inadequate)

This blog is X number of years old. I don't remember how old it is. I care that it exi(s)ts, that I still post here, that one or two of you read it when you could just as well mail me, because that's how long it has been, that we have exchanged mails and talked and even met offline, and I don't know how to end this sentence.

Which, if you want a metaphor for this blog, has to be better than the tired blog-as-marriage one. Been there, done that.


Just to, kind of, put a cake in front of it and say, "Well done. You made it through another year."

And also to put, I don't know, bhel puri in front of you lot and say, "Thanks for coming back."


??! said...

Bhel? Sev-batata-puri or nothing!

Also, what sort of cake?

Space Bar said...

??!: Ok, fine - but let's make it SBDP. Also, it can be any cake so long as it's dark chocolate.

david jairaj said...

i don't know if there are others, but i am a 'stranger' reader of your blog. as in, i don't exchange email with you or speak to you offline. just letting you know that my kind also exist as readers. hi.

i can say a lot of things about what your blog has meant to me, etc. and it can get tiresome for both of us. i just want to thank you for writing and constructing what you share in such a stimulating way. to me, it is like visiting a literary art gallery. one in which the art historian and curator also exhibit sometimes.

thank you.

Space Bar said...

David: Thank you! That's a relief to know. When I started this blog, I knew I was mostly talking to myself and lately I've felt it's just me here, as it was at the beginning.

So hello and thanks for reading.

Cheshire Cat said...

You had me at 'bhel puri'.

Space Bar said...

Cat: So bhel is what it takes to bring you back, huh? I'll remember that. Also, I am very annoyed with you - you never called!

km said...

I am here for the low-fat, gluten-free, vegan, free-range, locally-grown, conflict-free bhelpuri that is treated compassionately.

??! said...

SB: I like you more for you loving dark chocolate.

KM: What - not single-estate, organic, and season-appropriate?