Thursday, November 27, 2014

'You Are Here' by Bogi Takács

I was going to post something completely different but Aisha mailed me this and said it reminded her of something I had read (read? Surely she meant linked to?).

So I hopped on over to Strange Horizons (who have been doing a fundraiser where they make new, wonderful things available as they hit certain targets, so if you can, do support them) and their November issue has this amazing text by Bogi Takács.

Here it is.

If it was a poem that was hard to find, in a book no longer or not easily available, I'd just put the whole thing up here. People still come to this blog searching for Edwin Morgan or Patience Agbabi or Dambudzo Marachera. But this is different - you'll see. 

I'm trying to think what it was it reminded Aisha of, and I can only think she meant either Spiral Orb or Pandrogyne. But I still think I'm off the mark. Perhaps I should just ask her instead of pretending she's not listening to this?

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