Wednesday, December 31, 2014

'One sweet wind'

My resolutions, such as they are: 

1. Claim (more) words

2. Keep a record of how things shift.

3. Make poetry.

In the spirit of #3, and as a way of carrying myself over into 2015, I give you some Magnetic Poetry:

Happy New Year! (As always, be good).


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you too, D. I loved the magnetic poetry. The fat man made me so sad, but the wind and the sky...

??! said...

Loving the magnetic poems - they're strangely ... attractive.

How about reclaiming words too?

Space Bar said...

Batul: That fat man has got to many people. :-) Happy New Year to you also!

??!: hey there! Long time. Yes, reclaim, counterclaim, all of it! (Also, according to blogger, reCAPTCHA)