Sunday, March 01, 2015

The Difficult Deed | Return

I was travelling for almost all of February and have been unable to put up posts linking to columns, deadlines and such.

In February, the prompt seems to have done most people in; I had one submission to The Sideways Door and my response column, The Difficult Deed, has been up for a week now. 

In a few days I will have to come up with another prompt. But I won't think of that just now.

Instead, I want to say how happy I am to return to a rainy, cloudy and cool Hyderabad. It finally feels like home. Spring is the best time and here in Hyderabad, despite the rising temperatures of the last few weeks, spring feels the most personal - the jerul's new leaves have sprung and are brushing at my window. The tabibuia are in bloom and if I look, no doubt I will see a swarm of bees buzzing around the flowers. The bare branches of the frangipani are now little bouquets. And this morning, on the ride back from the station in a auto that had no headlights, I smelled the rain before I saw it dotting the windshield.

So much relief.

If I post about the readings at all, it will be only after a few days' respite.

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Arihant Verma said...

Two new flower names for me, this early rainy morning, in eastern Himachal. I always frowned upon my inability to at least try to look up for the name of this tree which bloomed leaf like, but colorful flowers, and here we are : tabibuia