Monday, May 04, 2015

Catching up with April: Links to columns

The last two weeks of April were hellish. Two friends died within the space of a few days. Anxieties both specific and general tied in with what appeared to be disaster upon disaster made me want a cave rather badly.

It meant I was offline a lot and did not link to my columns as they appeared. 

So here - rather belatedly, especially now it's time for the next prompt already - are the two things that appeared while I was away.

The April response column at The Sideways Door, in which I wrote about the poems people wrote when they woke up from a deep sleep.

And Part III of my series for Scroll on what makes me write poetry. Or something.

I'm hoping May will be better than April was, but not holding out too many hopes. At any rate, not having watched Avengers, I have Thoughts on what I think the film is, and if I am not too traumatised by this week, I may even air them.

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Rakesh Seth said...

ma'am, sorry to know about your friends. death is the least understood of human experiences. when my grandmother died, my grandfather has said to me 'death is what happens to those left behind. being alive, that's all we can know.'

incidentally, he was a huge fan of the movies. he showed me movies made by guru dutt, shyam benegal and govind nihlani when I was a child.

i was mesmerized (to use a best understood word) watching the clip 'Hiroshima Mon Amour'. to me it was not illogical. rather it was like a constantly moving swirl.