Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Ghosts of Spaniards Past

So here we are, one decade old.

I'm coming out of a 26 hour power cut that feels as metaphoric as it was literal. I feel wrung out.

I composed a post in my head in the early evening yesterday when I was still optimistic and thought that the power would be back in an hour or two. Sadly, that post, along with my brains, has been composted. I no longer recall what I might have wanted to say.

But here's a thing I must celebrate: the sheer bloody - mindedness of this blog and how it's survived all the shinier attractions of facebook, twitter and tumblr makes me preen a bit.

( Can one preen while being bloody - minded? I don't know the etiquette for this situation.)

As for the rest, I've shown myself like an annual ghost but I can't guarantee further appearances.

When I started this blog, I sensed that I was on the brink of terrible and wonderful things. At that time, words and the people who dealt in them, were my refuge.

Ten years on, I can feel the wheel turning and though I can spot the terrible times in the near distance, I don't know if they're accompanied by the wonderful or I don't have the ability to recognise it if I saw it.

This time, there's an absence of words. I don't know what might replace them.

So, I guess what I am doing is spinning my imminent absence in one more way.

If you're reading, hello and thank you.

Spaniard out.


km said...

> If you're reading, hello and thank you.

Thank YOU. Because of you and your blog, I re-discovered poetry. What else can I say?

Feanor said...

wotcher, wotcher! a decade is good going. please make it another decade, even if sporadic.

Banno said...

Yes, the blog survives the shinier. Even if it's only an annual appearance. And a 26-hour power cut. Oh God! Hello yes, thank you yes. No logging out. :)

Anindita said...

Hello and thank you. Glad this has survived the onslaught of social. Can relate re the terrible and wonderful.

Gammafunction said...

Social Media is overrated.Thank you for sticking around and reminding me of the good ol' days of blogging and the satisfaction of a good read