Saturday, May 27, 2006

Invisibility Cloaks

India Uncut asks, what would you do if you had an Invisibility Cloak. Of course, no manufacturer’s tag being available, I can’t ask if this is the exact same type of cloak that Harry has.

So, I’ll assume the kind of Invisibility Cloak I’d like: my IC is a kind of virtual broom. It’s going to do a clean sweep of everything I don’t want to be reminded of—posts on public online fora, signature campaigns, fan clubs (no, not really)—you get the picture. A shroud consigning the past to a decent obscurity.

No, I didn’t think so. Sigh…

Ok, so I’ll take the Cloak as is and visit my friends’ bookshelves. Help them clear their clutter. And when I’m done, I’ll hang the Invisibility Cloak on my virtuously glowing halo (detachable, available in three sizes and colours).

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