Wednesday, May 31, 2006

‘stories, i want stories’

said a reader.

Luckily, he didn’t specify whose stories. So here’s a Bombay story for a Bombayite.



equivocal said...

Can I ask what it is you like about this story? I am not much of a fan-- I think it's very overwritten, "crowded India" feel, and it's interesting that it has so many glosses of words for a foreign audience. Thus, though the story is set in the future, its understanding and pandering to the politics of reception is very much British-colonial.

But I don't know the age or experience of the writer so I may be being unfair.

Jugal said...

the theory of karma
and your pen will
be outta ink
when you really
will want to write
a godawesome story
that the world
will later miss
for you purposely missed
the meaning of marked words
*cackle* *cackle*

so said the witch
outside a castle
as i pleaded her not to
do this to you :D

Jugal said...

ok now, that story.
nice, but too verbose.
tried to pull something like a william gibson or something - nice at that but will maintain - too verbose :)

Space Bar said...

Equivocal: sorry abotu the delay. Actually, I'm not sure I like the story at all; on the other hand, I found it interesting for the dystopia it manages to conjure without merely making lists.

As to age and experience, I don't think they're accurate indices of ability!

Jugal: I agree with you and equivocal that the story is too verbose. It certainly could have done with some sharp editing.

Space Bar said...

Oops! typo! That's 'about' in the previous comment.