Saturday, January 06, 2007

Ranjit Hoskote's reading at Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad

Just passing the word.


invites you to a reading


from his book Vanishing Acts: New & Selected Poems,1985-2005 (Penguin, 2006)

Date: Sunday, 7 January 2007
Time: 4.30 pm
Venue: Kalakriti Art Gallery,
468, Road No. 10,
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
Tel: +91-40-6656 4466

This Reading is part of the Krishnakriti AnnualFestival of Art & Culture, held in memory ofKrishnachandra B Lahoti.

Other events include a recital by Vidya Shah later the same evening, and a Jazz concert featuring Jeo Alvarez, Louis Banks, Shefali, Gino Banks & Sheldon D'silva at 7pm on the 10th.

More details on their website.


Ludwig said...

Are the Kalakriti guys dishing out passes to these events to all and sundry? Especially sundry? How does one lay slimy paws on said passes?

Space Bar said...

one calls number provided, i think, on website, and lays slimy paws on invite.

the still dancer said...

one also doesn't like Hoskote much. One finds him too 'manufactured'. Ditto Vivek Narayanan. Something about beards. One now sports one oneself. One is alarmed. One shall go and shave. One shall also stop inflicting such disturbing streams of consciousness on unsuspecting denizens of the blogosphere.

Ludwig said...

One called. One went. One saw artists paint thingumabobs on campus. One extended slimy pseudopod and sucked in passes. One was too embarrassed to gorge on tea and samosas (or whatever). One heard the Hoskote man. One retreated... One looks to Wednesday.

Ludwig said...

Read "canvas" for "campus" in my previous.

Space Bar said...

TSD: 'Also'? In addition to?

Are your delicate sensibilities offended only by the beards or also the poetry? What is 'manufactured', by the way? As opposed to the spontaneous overflow of natural emotion?

Van the Man: I'm enormously relieved that you did not say 'carcass' in place of 'canvas'. You should have had the samosas. And if you were there for the Vidya Shah, you would have been treated to gourmet gulty charu.

the still dancer said...

erm...not just the beard, but also the poetry. And no, manufactured is not necessarily that which is non-spontaneous. 'Crafted' can also be sublime. Chap called T.S.E. showed how. Also chap called Philip Larkin. Hoskote and his ilk - they're too busy being too clever by half(and ritually academic), to bother about the poetry. Thayil is an exception to that, though. As well as Surendran, to a certain extent.

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