Wednesday, January 31, 2007

'your new dogma is just not sexy'

I still haven't finished reading this epic account of 'why men and women don't want sex'.

It began at Dr. Helen's, and Feministe picked up on it, especially quoting from the more exquisite comments left on the first blog.

I got it from Crooked Timber.

Here's one gem, naturally by Anonymous, from the 160-odd comments that appeared on the original blog:

Personally, I have given up on women – for reasons based on aesthetic, economic, and karmic criteria.

* Aesthetically — I no longer pursue relationships with women because by-and-large, modern American females are no longer particularly desirable. Feminism has largely extinguished femininity, replacing it with the modern, aggressive, masculinized Go-Grrrrlz careerist prototype. In pursuing masculine forms of power, women have remade themselves into poor imitations of men. As a heterosexual man, I am not erotically attracted to my own gender. So, why should I be attracted to faux-men in skirts? (And no, I do not wish to see women sequestered at home barefoot and pregnant.) But please don’t ask me to find ball-busting, affirmative-action professional diversity princesses with toxic feminist entitlement attitudes and the requisite uncritical certainty in their moral, intellectual, and emotional superiority (over lowly, subhuman men) — DESIRABLE as potential relationship partners.

Women chose to be ideological when they accepted feminism. And sorry girls, but your new dogma is just not sexy.

* Economically – I avoid personal relationships with women because, quite simply, a basic cost:benefit analysis will prove that the obvious risks far outweigh the presumed benefits. Forget about having to pay for the dates, the flowers, the jewels and all the other tokens on her toll-road to sex.

This is where one must talk about the lethal anti-male legal system that forty years of feminism has imposed. Marriage now is a system for expropriating a man’s wealth, and nothing more. It’s the only so-called “contract” where two individuals state their vows to form an inviolable partnership, unless one of them wakes up some morning and decides to bail because s/he is bored, inconvenienced, or unfulfilled. (And 70% of the time, the aggrieved party is female.) The Divorce Courts are where men are systematically harvested just like corn is de-tassled. The radically dead Bolsheviks would be embarrassed today to see how feminist gender capitalism has so exponentially exceeded naïve communism in achieving the redistribution of the oppressor’s wealth to the victim class!

Even co-habiting with a woman is dangerous now. She has 911 on the cell speed-dial and knows all about the Domestic Violence intervention squad that she can summon 24 x 7 to arrest the man on any false pretense she might wish to express. All 50 states have rape laws that provide up to 30 days after an alleged sexual act for the woman to decide (retroactively – maybe those Valentine’s Day flowers were an insufficient token of supplicancy?) that she was in fact raped. And, marriage is no sanctuary from this jeopardy, thanks to “marital rape” laws that codify the same female subjective standard of proof.

Oh, and if this wasn’t enough legalistic terrorism, the law now says that if I buy a woman a drink and she later comes to my bed, I may have coerced her and deprived her of the act of consent, so on her allegations alone I would be subject to sexual assault charges. Puts a bit of a damper on the romantic ambience that dating intends, yes?

So, economically speaking, women have become an expensive, risky luxury commodity that I have elected to decline. I also avoid loan sharks, prostitutes, and politicians for pretty much the same reasons.

I am taking a yoga break, to do some deep breathing. More when I calm down.


tagerine said...

Why cant a man be a feminist?

Space Bar said...

tagerine: precisely. someone should write a song and set it to the tune of 'why can't a woman be more like a man'.

Dipta Chaudhuri said...

Umm... while you are still at yoga, I will quickly make two observations and run away!

1. All anti-comments on 'feminist' posts are anonymous. Hell hath no fury whatever!

2. I find most of them (especially this one) uproariously funny.

Dipta Chaudhuri said...

You are still at yoga? Oh good.

What are the annual fees to become a Feminist? Can I become one?

Space Bar said...

Dipta: Back from yoga; feel free to come back and make one more (quick) comment before running away again.

Do you find your own comments funny or the ones on that blog?!