Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Photo post: for Surabhi

Since Surabhi asked, and how can I refuse; since I'm simmering with all kinds of other furies which I will allow to marinate before I serve; and because if I write, I mix metaphors with the crazed abandon of an amateur cook on speed; and since I'm clearly hungry and need to have my breakfast, like, one hour ago...

...photo post!

This was taken for an exhibition of my photographs in 2003, called Voices and Data in India (organised by CKS, Bangalore) Much fun was had doing this one. In a lane that leads off to the left of the Charminar, a few hundred feet beyond a garbage dump, is this little, segregationist telephone booth. Another fortuitous moment there.

This is from even longer ago; at theInstitute, in fact. For anyone who wants to know, this is between the old sound dept. and the camera dept. How I love black and white!

More photos once I take them. On account not having scanned old ones, can't put more.


SURABHI said...

thanks thanks. lovely lovely. more more.

and why the fury?

Space Bar said...

that that is is a a

no. i can't do this.

that is for another (long) post.