Friday, February 16, 2007

Watch That Space

Amit has moved here and taken with him (as contributors to one section of the site) Jai, Chandrahas, Falstaff, Prufrock Two, Nilanjana, Sonia and KM, among others.

Mock Turtle wonders how Falstaff will fight the urge to write 'negative things about stuff we don’t like' - one of the caveats on Amit's new blog, all in the interests of joyousness, upliftment and sexiness. Falstaff has vowed to disagree on Momus.

Neela, in the meanwhile, is bitterly convinced that all she will get in Raveout is 'an overdose of Sartre, Kafka, some unknown Israeli author and a few suicidal Eastern European filmmakers in there'.

Awaiting further developments with great interest, enthu and eagerness.

Watch that space.

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