Friday, April 06, 2007

Unni at Prasad Labs Tomorrow

Murali Nair, award winning director of films such as Maranasimhasanam, (and a friend, what would be the point of not crowing a little), will be screening his latest film, Unni, at the Prasad Labs Preview theatre tomorrow.

That's, Saturday, 7th April, at 6.30 pm, Prasad Preview Labs, Road No. 2 Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

The film was screened at the Hyderabad International Film Festival, but I skipped it then becauseI knew there's be this screening.

Nothing had better happen between now and then so I miss the screening. *shaking fist at malign forces that have it in for Space Bar and film screenings, and muttering dark threats that are nearly inaudible, just in case*


gangadhar said...

thanks 2 d spaniard
for the info abt the
i could not watch unni at hiff
as i was busy organizing the fest
-keep shining
gangadhar panday

Space Bar said...

gangadhar, this is a good op to catch it then.

Shweta said...
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Space Bar said...

Shweta: the thing to do is just turn up. They'll very likely be happy to have people turn up at all and might even lay out the red carpet.

No, no, kidding. can't speak ill of alma mater and all.

just come. it's at 5.30 on the 14th and 15th at prasad labs. watch this blog for more details

Shweta said...

Thanks for the info, but you really took me in didn't you? There was a carpet laid out there alright, but on the aisles, where we sat. The place was thronging! I am hoping it will have eased off a bit today.

Space Bar said...

shweta, really?! and there were seats empty in front of me! tsk tsk.

how was lensight? i didn't make it conz of various reasons, all unavoidable.