Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hyderabad International Film Festival

Yes, you heard it right first time: the first Hyderabad International Film Festival is on. Since the 22nd, actually, but I started watching only from yesterday, so irregular blogging for a few days.

Just come back from the Polish film (which one of the volunteers insisted on calling police film) Solidarity, Solidarity, which was patchy in parts, but quite good on the whole. The best part of it, for me, was the section directed by Wajda. In it, he has the actors who played the lead roles in Man Of Iron, Lech Walesa, and Wajda himself, discussing a film Wajda ought ot have made called Man of Hope. Intercut with the discussion that the four of them have in a large film ahll, are clips of the film, Man of Iron and the actor who played Tomczyk says, it is really that film that ought to be called Man of Hope.

Watching a Dariush Meherjui film later tonight. More tomorrow.


Rama Mohan said...

Thank for the Information. Just I heard about this from your blog. I think I am so late to get this information.


Shweta said...

And? How did you find Mama's guest? Just trying to incite you into talking about a few of the other films you know. It was such a gluttonous affair, and I have attempted and given up trying to chew cud myself. Hoping to do it vicariously.
('mildly annoying' for Blind chance was exactly right)

Space Bar said...

Ram Mohan: Glad the infor was useful.

Shweta: Post about Mama's Guest coming up. I didn't see too many of the films, unfortunately. Also, the schedule got changed midway> I came on Sunday to watch the Falk film and landed up with the Kiesowski...

Shweta said...

Oh goody! BTW the schedule changed on a daily basis, you know. All that suspense,I think, was part of the service to keep us extra-entertained.