Monday, July 02, 2007

eros, thanatos and many things in between

Surabhi has just returned from a workshop she's been conducting, and describes the subject of the film the students made: a 300 year old Dutch cemetery now converted into a park with all the usual dramatis personae and then some.

Now there's a film I would love to see.

this park, like many that dot the city, is frequented by lovers, errant school boys, those who have no where else to go through the day, and the occasional family out with their tiffins. One man came to the park every morning. never carried a newspaper, never struck a conversation with anyone else. he walked five kilometeres to get there. He sat there until noon, when the park was closed down. stood on the road until two, when the park was opened again. He sat until six, and walked back home.

The whole thing here.

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