Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Passion Flower

After all the death and gloom on this blog, I thought it was time to sex things up a bit. Enough thanatos, already! Let's have some eros around here! Bring on the NC 17 rating!

So this is a passion flower from a creeper just outside our front door. This creeper doesn't bear fruits, so the flowers are strictly decorative (and deceptive) but they bring lines of ants and give out a heady, heady smell.

Here they are: don't they look dangerous?

(sorry about the one slightly-out-focus shot).


Sharanya Manivannan said...

Oh, gorgeous! :)

swar said...

it scarily looks like a religious offering - not unlike the way my mother does. she puts leaves underneath to protect her flowers from 'inherited' impurities.

Space Bar said...

sharanya: isn't it? :D

swar: wow...those leaves got plucked with the flower and i was too lazy to remove them! but you're kind of right. the flower does look like it's being held, no?

Shweta said...

This wonderful creature just grows outside your door! just like that? ooooooo how maja for you.
Say, that last picture; is it against a wall? Is this thing growing out of the crack?

Space Bar said...

Shweta: Yes indeed it does. You should come to see the birds on Sunday - are you and Ludwig on the same team? More maja will come.

And no, it doesn't grow out of the crack like some biblical flower! After plucking, fixing it to the wall was the second most energetic thing I did.

km said...

NC-17? This is pure x-rated.

Falstaff said...

Nice, but a NC-17 rating? For a flower? You need to get out more.

Actually, now that I think about it, they are reproductive organs. I have this sudden vision of cinema theaters showing pictures of flowers while the morality brigade protests against floral nudity while grubby 16-year olds sit in the back seat going "Dude! You can totally see her pistil!"

Hmmm...maybe I need to get out more.

Space Bar said...

km: No no, let's negotiate. I'll take out the shot of the stamen and pistils - it's out-focus anyway - and you give this an NC 17. Deal?

Falstaff: :D yes, exactly. Birds, bees.

Can't you just see Pintsize and Marten having the conversation you've just outlined?

dipali said...

Lovely flower and awesome comments, Space bar!

Space Bar said...

Dipali: Thanks and yes, I also often enjoy the comments almost as much as peoples' posts!

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful flower!
Came here from Falstaff's. Your Rumi quote there pulled me here. :)


Space Bar said...

~N: Come and pull up a chair! Or grab a cushion or something.

??! said...

is pretty. vairy much so.

also, ha! on also posting on fruits/flowers this week. I seem to be obsessed with them right now.

Notice how people seem to post on similar topics simultaneously sometimes? More than mere coincidence, or law of averages, methinks. Maybe to do with similar mindsets. But there's a conspiracy theory in there.