Thursday, May 08, 2008

end credits


Did anybody watching Iron Man in India catch the 'surprise' dialogue between Samuel Jackson and Robert Downey Jr. buried in the end credits?

Because I didn't. Not because I didn't sit through the end credits - I always do - but because as usual, the theatre didn't run the credits through to the end.

Also as usual, this made me seethe and compose scathing letters to theatre executives and righteous ones to the producers/distributors, in my head.

Of course, this should teach filmmakers not to bury treasure in places where it'll never be found. I can see script meetings where everyone tears their scanty hair out figuring out the exact place after the film where there will be maximum impact: 30 seconds in! Two frames after the end credit montage! Lead in to teaser with subliminal flash frames right in the last scene so that viewers will stay rooted to their seats!

And isn't Robert Downey Jr. hot?

Also saw first (uninspiring) promos for Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Abbas Tyrewala's first feature as director. Many reasons why I'm waiting to see this film but July is still some way off.


Anonymous said...

Don't they know the end credits are meant for rushing out to the parking lot hoping to beat the always hope there are some other people who will stay to watch the end credits ;)

Aishwarya said...

Aadisht and I had been told about this and stayed till the en (much to the wrath of the ushers) only to find that the scene had been cut. Gah.

Anonymous said...

i missed the end credits as well even though i had read about SLJ being at the end at someplace.

I remember this being done with 'Matrix Reloaded'; they had the Neo v/s Smiths clip of 'Revolutions' right at the end.

Interestingly, the end credit scene from 'Iron Man' wasn't present in the screening for the critics (most of them reported the lack of SLJ in their reviews!).

Now for more news from Marvel, they aren't releasing any movies next summer but they have a long list for 2010 & 2011.

Iron Man II in the April of 2010 followed by Thor in July.

Captain America (First of the Avengers) in the April of 2011 followed by two Avenger movies in June/July 2011.

I can hardly wait for then...

km said...

So did your son like the film?

//sudden craving for Quarter pounder with cheese after reading this post. Subliminal, man.

///Downey is such a terrific actor. Can't speak for his hotness though. Gwyneth Paltrow is Zzzz-inducing.

Space Bar said...

lekhni, you philistine! you otter know the names of grips and ms. paltrow's make up artist by the end of the film!

aishwarya: you mean the projectionist had lopped it off? same difference. it's the next stage - when you're made to project everything, they'll just pretend the end tore during screening and they haven't had time to fix it. bah!

jaip: i can see you're a fan!

km: he loved it. he was like an india rubber ball when all the machinery came on (god knows what the folks at the back thought but i was too absorbed in the film to care).

Oh he's a great actor, but also hot. there's something about the man's eyes, you know, all permanently dilated or something.

quarter pounder, hanh? shall we also call a press conference for you?