Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jump Cut: Just Another Way of Cheating

And cheating is exactly what I'm doing here. I'm only juxtaposing my old posts with some from the current issue of Jump Cut to reach an incalculable total that might mean anything or nothing.

But still.

1. Jump Cut's Lucia (and old article reprinted here. In one of my magpie fits, I xeroxed several old issues of JC from the Institute library and the Cuban Cinema Special was one of them.)

and my passing mention of Lucia in this list.

2. JC's Good Night and Good Luck

and mine.

3. JC on Dragon Inn and

my en passant reference to it while saying goodbye to another theatre.

All cheating on a mega scale. I warned you.

(I was actually looking for the previous issue of Jump Cut, which has a whole bunch of articles I wanted to say something about. Sometime.)


km said...

I had never heard of "Jump Cut", so thanks for the links. (It sounds like a magazine for film editors?)

Space Bar said...

not for editors. just a film journal with an academic/lefty tilt.