Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Almost Island 2

Is now up.

Lots of exciting reading there, including an essay by Claud Magris and the first two chapters (Alok alert!) of Satantango translated by George Szirtes.

Read the News section for George's account of the Almost Island Dialogues: Two held in Delhi earlier this year. And, of course, the rest of what's there.

(Vivek, how come Harriet is not on the links page?!)


Alok said...

that essay by Claudio Magris is also very good. I am taking a print-out now!! thanks for the link. I didn't know about this magazine.

equivocal said...

Um, since an employee of Almost Island was just interviewed at Harriet, I figured that would be more self promotion than anyone could bear. But yes, we'll link to the wonderful and various Harriet shortly...

Space Bar said...

alok: welcome!

equivocal: oh well. that will get buried under other posts. next you'll say, since you've featured one of the current contributors, you can't link.