Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wilderness Tips: 1

Do not, even in the most dire circumstances, buy Fiama de Wills' Exotic Dream body wash. It's purple, has glitter beads - whatever those may do - and smells like a man's shirt on which half a bottle of cologne had been emptied and in which he has partied all night long and now discarded on that pile of dirty clothes in the bathroom.

You do not want to smell like that. Really.


Banno said...

Yuck! Thanks for the tip. Will stay far, far away from it.

km said...

Glitter? Now that spells trouble. People - men - in the US will know what I am talking about. (It's no coincidence you also think it smells like the man has partied all night long :D Maybe it's all intentional.)

//I first heard about this brand called "Fiama de Wills" in India this past year and almost instantly came to detest the name.

Lekhni said...

I wonder what that Exotic Dream is about ?

Space Bar said...

banno: Yes, please do. It's gross.

km: Gah. Please tell me what it is that the men in the US already know! And totally agree about the name.

Lekhni: What an excellent question. Do you think they're passing off their fetishes on to unsuspecting consumers?

swar said...

is this about a new job? some beauty products testing for some new lifestyle rag? anyway, i learnt a new word from your link - masstige. which i again learn is a nearly 5 y.o. word. very interesting. i am, as usual, behind the times.

dipali said...

Will remember your sage advice! It sounds gross. I am the seedha-saada soap bar using variety in my house- the husband, younger son and younger daughter are the body wash types- I'll warn them:) Great to have you back, SB.

Space Bar said...

swar: I'm not brave enough for exciting jobs like the one you describe. This is all my mother's fault - she's a sucker for any new product on the market.

And I didn't notice that word...have to go look again.

Dipali: Damn - you mean if I'd said all that differently I could have convinced you to take the thing off my hands and give it someone in your family as a gift?