Wednesday, April 01, 2009

apologies taste good...

...when you're forced to eat them. Especially when they're being made to link to this.

It's called Green Porno (2008-2009).

It is thus a charming surprise that Green Porno’s power lies in what porn all too often lacks. What is best about Green Porno is what is best about sex: It can be joyful, surprising, goofy, guileless, funny, and fun. Even the scenes wherein the male star expresses outright terror and loses his life are delicious. The denouement of “Bee” rivals those found in classical tragedy. “I would die . . . without my penis . . . I would bleed to death” are the bee’s final words, and, while undeniably hilarious, there is something oddly antibathetic about this swan song, as it takes us from the ridiculous to the sublime.
The brevity of the series’s eight films, their low-tech aesthetic, and (as she puts it) their “regular peaceful editing” all serve Rossellini’s aim of creating films for the “third and fourth screens.” Seeing them on the big screen is a rare treat; the release of Green Porno 2, which plumbs the sexual practices of marine life, only doubles the pleasure.

It's the 1st of April but I promise I am not pulling a fast one.

Now, who lives in Toronto? If nobody I know does, don't despair: here's Green Porno 2 on the Sundance Channel (also GP1, I believe.)

Oh, and here's Isabella Rossellini discussing the series.


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km said...

It can be joyful, surprising, goofy, guileless, funny, and fun

Ah, but the reviewer didn't say "at once". (That would be so wrong - and confusing, given the context.)

//Ms. Rossellini could read an entomology textbook and I would still watch her :)