Friday, April 03, 2009

Pratilipi's Anniversary Issue

Pratilipi has been doing some great stuff for the last year and their new issue is now up. Their focus this time on terrorism, with a wide range of articles to get your teeth into: essays, poetry, personal narratives and the unique Pratilipi Questionnaire.

The Cinema Series continues, though there's only one essay this time, by editor Jabeen Merchant. I have to say, though, that given the theme, I wish we had last time's essays [Peripheral Visions] in this issue and this one earlier. This time, despite the extra month available, it was hard to get another contributor to hunker down and produce an essay - those who are busy making films frequently find they don't have time to write about making them!

Paromita is the notable exception: here's an essay by her in another journal you should bookmark - Phalanx.

Go read.


rhymebawd said...

Hey Sridala. Thanks for linking to us - and even more, for doing the feature :)

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Space Bar said...

Thanks Rahul. And sorry about that!