Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hiatus Interruptus

Quickly interrupting my break to say that Jump Cut's latest issue is now online.

Articles on torture, horror, porn and East Asian cinema (that wasn't meant to sound quite like the way it does) for those interested.

(Why do I know there will now be variations on the dwarf porn google search that brings so many people to this blog?)


T C - bicithe said...

Books + Trees. Books / Trees. I'm bad at math. And no mention of billboards is somehow not in consonance with state occupation. Like. Will come back sometime/s. Thanks

T C - cousevi said...

... err, stat-ed

km said...

where's my dwarf pr0n?

SS said...

Yay! So glad you're back.

SS said...

Oh, OK. I just read the post (ya, commented without reading earlier
:-)) and saw the " quickly interrupting my break . . ." Sigh. Thanks for the link.

Scherezade said...

Hello Hello.
I "is"dense(as my students would say) but have always thought that East Asian cinema in itself essentially horror, torture and porn wrapped into one.
And, gish, Werner's blog is awesome, isn't it?
(The word verification looks suspiciously like "unshaven")