Thursday, July 02, 2009


Article 377 is gone. Actually, it's more accurate to say sex between consenting adults of the same gender is decriminalised.

These days though, I get all my news from Facebook (which is where I found out about MJ, if you want to know).

I mention this because ??! wants to know where all the action is on blogs. They might turn up here, but right now it's all elsewhere.

At any rate, this is great news. I've been spending the last few days reading the Letters to the Editor section in the two newspapers I get, seething with indignation all the bigotry and massive ignorance that people are proud display in public, and this makes me happy.

So for all those who wanted a majority to call the shots on what some minority or other can or can't do in their private lives, sucks to you.

Oh, the Pdf of the judgment here.
and Sharanya (a while ago) and Nivedita (today).


Szerelem said...

I am still al wheee about this.

WV: renbow (yep, indeed)

km said...

As I read somewhere, this is no Stonewall. But it's an important step.

//WV: "stelogi", which makes no sense at all.