Monday, November 16, 2009



And some image of text(tho taken out of context they make no sense whatsoever, I realise. This may disappear tomorrow):


amruta patil said...

you're a picture poet too. i heart rain, leafy bicycles, and cranes.

Space Bar said...

:-) the birds in 'tug' reminded me of a postcard you sent.

Banno said...

What unadulterated pleasure. the text and the pictures. It was like drinking a glass of clear, sparkling, cold water. Loved the picture of the bicycle.

Veena said...

Lovely etc. chilehaus and cranes esp.

but what is this? you go to germany and no picture of deutsche bahn? no bahnhofs? this is unacceptable.

Space Bar said...

banno: thanks! really wish I could take this to other cities.

veena: there were very bad ones of them. at the hauptbahnof, there were cops who wanted to see what i'd shot (brown envelope text has something about it) - so of course I didn't include it.

Cheshire Cat said...

Interesting contrast between the pictures and the text - the pics are deliberate, searching, while the text conveys vividly a sense of disorientation. Some of the text brought Peter Handke to mind - the poetry of being lost in an industrial landscape.

Spock said...

Loved Rain, and the angles in Feet.

blackmamba said...


liked the bicycle with leaves instead of wheels.

The beatles, esp because of the 4 men in black in the background ... or is that another installation in the same park?

if the man posed for you in "Hafen City Philharmonic", would have liked it even more if he was looking down or a bit blurred like he was moving. I get distracted by eyes in pictures. more so if someone is still and looking out of the frame..


Space Bar said...

cat: thanks. remember, though, that these are only 20 out of 50 images - chosen because they can be viewed without a context. The rest form, put together, a kind of montage. Those are, perhaps, less deliberate.

spock: thanks.

bm: no, it wasn't posed! :-)

ChoxBox said...


and picked up two of your pratham books recently - my kids loved them and the 'papere kaidaalu' brought back memories of lazy summer afternoons :)

ajay noronha said...

amazing! to think you did all this in a week!!...liked them all, esp the feet, the bicycle, rain and the hafen philharmonic...
must figure a way to get this set to travel na. set off so many thought trails...must to meet :)

Tabula Rasa said...

really enjoyed the postcards. thanks!

wv: reado.

??! said...

I'm back, because you are.

And wow.

And damn, but I'm going to get a blow up of Silver Harbour and frame it. I'm a sucker for grey seaside-y snaps.

Space Bar said...

choxbox: oh wonderful - this makes me very, very happy!

ajay: and that's only the half of it! yes, we *have* to meet the next time I'm in bbay.

tr: thanks. and there was only one text on postcard...did youmean generally?

??!: you're back! yay! (and about to indulge in a spot of piracy, huh? you could order it, you know...) that harbour is one of my personal favourites.

swar thounaojam said...

And I have a story about the Einzahlstraße that has my German friends in splits. Another Irish friend also has a story about Einzahlstraße that has all of us snorting out bier from our nostrils.

km said...

Super cool.

And is that really your handwriting? Because if it is, I am going to put away my fountain-pens for a while.

//Anyone look at the Beatles picture and think of Lennon's "There's a hole where you are supposed to be" line from "Dear Yoko"?

??! said...

I did mean I was going to order it. Although I like the idea of being a pirate - I could pick up the phone and yell 'ahoy' everytime, instead of boring ol' hello. Wheeee.

Maybe I should put up snaps of my writing then. You'll think you're bloody Picasso.

Space Bar said...

Swar: I'm fairly certain km will love this story. I want to hear it!

km: yes, that's my handwriting. :-) and no, it didn't even occur to me - but how lovely now that you've brought it up (reminder to self: beatles post)

??!: oh good! you're going to yell salty things into gallery phones now.

sumana001 said...

I love Feet.
Makes me want to pull and push ... :)

??! said...

Huh. I just realised they only do one size, apparently.

Now how do I go about getting a poster version of that snap?