Tuesday, November 10, 2009

mostly irrelevant thoughts-for-the-day

When you add (and save) enough blogs and posts on your feedreader, the numbers eventually begin to look like dates from history*.

Additions in the last two days include Tao Lin's blog (nice url, yes?) and zunguzungu.


In other news, I had a duplicate print of a photo I really liked, which I had made in Bombay and couriered to someone who hasn't got it yet. This depresses me immensely because it means either someone in the studio or the courier is responsible for its loss, but I'm now too far away to do anything (much) about it.


I'm using test prints like a pack of cards to decide how I want to arrange the images. I've more or less decided, but holding the uneven-sized prints makes me feel like I'm playing Patience - which, if you think about it, I am.

*Bloglines tells me it's 1925 today.


Jet said...

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km said...

Hey look, someone called you "bro". (And he's got wallpapers to sell!)

Space Bar said...

km: I know! I bet he has an alert set for the word 'irrelevant'!