Saturday, February 13, 2010

Name calling

No, this is not a blinding obvious word-play on Khan, I promise.

This is about American Idol last night. Did anybody else rotfltao (ok, not so extreme; maybe just cackling in between other thoughts) when this girl called Didi Benami came up to sing?

(No, I don't remember what she wore or sang, or whether she was any good. How does any of that matter? She is memorable only for her awesome name).

I'm putting this name down in my dairy for use at some point somewhere. As Dr. Zhivago said, 'it's a gift.'

1 comment:

km said...

HA HA....oh the irony of a name called "benami".

How about "Anamika"? I know what it signifies, but still, a name that means no name? We Indians are fifty varieties of awesome.

//And now "My name is Khan"?