Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Glutton for Punishment

If you are one, head over to km's post where there's a carnival with curd and other questionable substances (not excluding the stuff that dreams are made on) and contribute your bit.

Or just go groan.


A propos of nothing, will someone please explain to me this business of ROTFL? Who does that? Not even Buster Keaton films make me actually roll all over the floor losing control over my bowels.

If it's supposed to indicate that on a scale of 1 to 10, something you just said comes close an excruciating 9, it still seems a bit excessive to me. I mean, imagine that you've just made a mildly funny remark and as reward are greeted by the sight of an adult getting off their chair and proceeding to roll around the floor in a paroxysm of mirth. How astonished would you be (on a scale of 1 to 10, of course)?


Anonymous said...

When I read LOL, I always get a mental image of someone's tongue lolling.

Falstaff said...

I have to admit I've actually done the ROTFL bit (without losing control over bowels obviously). But it took more than a mildly funny remark. It took large amounts of intoxicants and five sustained minutes of very funny jokes and...well, you had to be there.

And Buster Keaton may not get me on the floor, but he can double me up with laughter, which is almost as good. (It's strange you should mention him, btw. I just discovered that my library has this 10 part DVD set of his work. January is totally looking up).

Space Bar said...

Lekhni: Yes, totally. I think of a great big German Shepherd in peak summer.

Falstaff: Ah, apologies - I meant ROTFLMAO, which would indicate a clear loss of control over bowels.

But of course I've double up with Keaton, sides aching and tears streaming down my face and all (you have read Agee, haven't you?). And it goes without saying that I hate you for discovering the 10 set DVD. Ten set?! I mean, like, wow!

km said...

Thank ye, those people are indeed mad to be punning at such unsafe speeds.

About that ROTFL thing, I got two words for you: Duck Soup.

/Keaton's College and The General: those are definitely LMAO inducing films.

//No Harold Lloyd fans here? C'mon, pee-pul. Golden Age of Comedy.

Tabula Rasa said...

are we talking about Running On Treadmill For Lessening My Ass/Anterior Obesity?

i've always wondered why some jokes make people want to do that.

Anonymous said...

ah, bad day, is it?

cos prudishness always comes with the pinky up!

Space Bar said...

km: harold lloyd ove buster keaton, i don't think so. though i love 'em all.

tr: heh! how many possibilities there are suddenly!

anon: huh? but no doubt you know what you're talking about.