Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Battle of Pan-Pat and Other Happenings

More literary controversy! More skirmishing! This time between Pankaj Mishra and Patrick French! (I really don't have anything to say about it except how much I wanted to use the title of the post).


Now that that's out of the way, announcements:

1. Readings, Writing Workshops, Film Screenings (not in that order) related to the writer Akhil Sharma's visit. Via mail from the US Consulate, Hyd, details below:

February 8                 : Screening of ‘Cosmopolitan” film and discussion with author Akhil Sharma, whose story was made into the film
                                     Venue: La Makaan, 7.00 pm
February 9                 : Creative writing workshop (registration required. Mail hyderabadpa@state.gov)
                                     Venue: Akshara book stores, West Marredpally, Secunderabad, 6.30 pm
February 10               : Book reading from “An Obedient Father” by Akhil Sharma
                                     Venue: Oxford book stores, Park Hotel, Somajiguda, 7.00 pm

2. Via Peter Griffin, the Essential Indian Books Survey.

He needs plenty of responses, so do consider taking it when you have a moment.

Crazy busy weekend, and there's stuff I want to blog about, but OMG, Scorpio in the early morning sky this morning after god knows how many years! It was magnificent!

It being spring, the rain tree's shed all its leaves, and I suppose I happened to look up as I do these mornings, and there, behind the bare branches, was the top half of Scorpio. The tail was tucked out of sight, which is a pity, but it was still gorgeous. Must find some other vantage point tomorrow morning.


Fëanor said...

Antares? Antares? Did you see it?

km said...

Pankaj Mishra is a bore and the title "Curzon without an empire" - perhaps it was the editor's hed, not Mishra's - is just a cheap shot.

He ought to go back to writing about how Americans don't get Yoga. (Hey man, we're brown and we're just *transcendental*)

//It "being spring"? Really? It is? It's only February!

Space Bar said...

Feanor: You bet! I even went to the terrace and saw the constellation whole - much joy! (The kid is most thrilled about the imminent demise of Betelgeuse, btw).

km: Of course it's spring! The leaves have fallen (yes, indeed) and new ones are sprouting. Basant Panchami's just gone by, Holi's round the corner and there's s(no)w, nosnow, no snow!

dipali said...

An Obedient Father is one of the most chilling books I wish I'd never read!

Space Bar said...

dipali: I wish I'd managed to make it to the reading at least, in that case. :-(