Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Telangana once more

'Jai Telangana' slogans from the govt. institute nearby, as men dance around in a circle and try to bring the few girls who've turned up for work into the circle.

Nearby, at a construction site, the contract labourers continue to chip away at granite. I have no data on this, but I see no Telangana supporters enlisting these migrant/contract/daily-wage labourers in their struggle for statehood. Surely they're one part of the demographic that will (supposedly) benefit if a new state is carved out?

A two-day bandh means no school, which means a kid who has to be entertained and (worse) demands time-share on the computer and the internet. Ha! There are plans to watch Star Wars. The world - both real and virtual - is full of stirring tales.

Apparently yesterday's events near the Assembly meant parents were taking kids out of school early. I was blithe and unworried, putting in a good day's work and the kid was happy at the thought of mid-week vacationing.

Interesting coverage difference between the Hindu and the Deccan Chronicle. The Hindu sounds disapproving of the 'mobs'; uses words such as 'vandalism' and mourns the damage caused to the 'beautiful facade' of the Necklace Road MMTS station. The DC calls the students 'activists' and shows photos taken from behind the riot police as they lob teargas.

Interesting times have once again washed up on our doorsteps. 


Mahesh Kalaal said...

It holds true to every bandh in India . . . .

km said...

as men dance around in a circle

This is their call for secession?

//A 2-day bandh can help kids learn so much more than they can learn at school.