Friday, August 05, 2011

sob and moan

You'd think rearranging bookshelves is a matter of joy. Bah, I say.

I have discovered missing books, among them Dubravka Ugresic's The Museum of Unconditional Surrender and Kolatkar's The Boatride and Other Poems.

I am in a very bad mood. Also, I find I cannot write the reviews I must.

Oh, plus three rejection slips in as many weeks. 

Somebody give me some good news.


kbpm said...

welcome to club.

Space Bar said...

kbpm: that's good news?! that i now belong to a misery club? please remember that in this matter i am a groucho marxist.

Fëanor said...

how about this house? good news or good news?

Space Bar said...

F: Whoa! I. guess? (Love their bookshelves/window but not sure how a private residence that pretends to be an art gallery is a 'townhouse'.)

km said...

Shakespeare received 73 rejection slips for "Hamlet" alone. True story.

Cheshire Cat said...

"I have discovered missing books..."

If you have discovered them, isn't that good news?

Space Bar said...

km: and what about coriolanus? did he or didn't he - that is the qs.

cat: well caught; i meant, of course, that i have discovered there are books missing.