Thursday, January 19, 2012

post HLF 2012

HLF 2012 is over. I wasn't there for the closing, but it was a packed three days for me (mainly because of the recordings I had to do).

Gulzar/Sukrita Paul Kumar, Adil Jussawalla and Suniti Namjoshi were outstanding. Kiran Nagarkar's was a hurried session, unfortunately, being on the first day when schedules went out of whack. I enjoyed listening to all the poets I heard, but the star of the younger poets was Kazim Ali. Wish I'd had at least one conversation with him.

I'm going to take a couple of days off to process and mull over conversations. After that there will be work and domestic things to catch up on, so it's unlikely that there will be posts. I don't have any photos, unfortunately, because I was saving space and battery time for audio recordings.

Do look out for a Call for Submissions soon, though.

Also promise to respond to comments soon!

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